Hello nyc

22 Jul

So, I wanted to document my travles thus far of my new journey in nyc. I am so excited to be I’m the city and on my path off becoming a Montessori teacher. Life has swept me off my feet and I am grateful for everything that has happened. I am meeting really cool people along the way. I feel completely in tune with the music nyc makes. I walked the Brooklyn bridge the other day and a street performer sang nyc is paved in gold. Walking around has led to so much energy and gaining a lot of field experience.


Rutgers Gardens

2 Jun


Open 365 days a year, Rutgers Gardens is series of horticultural collections arranged in garden settings over 50 acres.The collections, which date back to 1927, feature a diverse variety of landscape plants from around the world. This is a perfect place for wedding pictures, family photos, picnics or a fun day meandering around snapping shots along the way. Rutgers Gardens has a vast amount of classes and involvement in the area. CLICK HERE to find out more about what you can get involved in at Rutgers Gardens.




Meet and Tweet May 16th, 2013 Fitness

20 May

The bus driver pulled my change for my bus ticket out of her bra…that was the start of my wonderful adventure into NYC. I was on my way to Fitness Magazine’s Meet and Tweet, an event/seminar open to health and fitness bloggers. As my trip began, I was anticipating what will happen and what will I learn. I was prepared with my favorite workout gear and super storage Lululemon bag. Of course I had my notebook and pen ready to take some notes!

The event was held at The Mercedes Club, a very posh apartment/gym. At that point I was directed to a large table to get my pass and new water bottle. It’s was from Camelbak, it has a filter attached which is super cool. I will surely make use of this on hikes and travels throughout the day.

All other fellow blogger women were set up outside on a huge open deck chomping on a super yummy breakfast of pressed juice bottles, muffins, eggs and avocados. The seminar began with Stila beauty Pro Sarah Lucero.  This beautiful blond bombshell explained the in’s and out’s of summer time make-up must haves.

Sarah philosophy Looking good and feeling good. Try a Soul Cycle class and go hiking to hear nature and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Beauty Secrets

Rest 8-9 hours is a must ladies and gentlemen!Tinted Moisturizers BB & CC is the real deal get one asap (Stila Beauty Balm)
Keep the same color for eyes cheeks and lips for summer ( Keep it Peachy& go pearly)
Brush your brows, to keep them fresh and in place
Blot papers are super and mist spray for a non-oily shine
Less is always more when it come to summer time make-up ( Stila eye pencil in Color Lionfish is a go to color) Great for sweat sessions and beach days
Primers are good to have for oily skin or for a fresh tint of color

Beauty in your gym bag, what to have…

A easy to work with bag, nothing worst than digging in a huge bag for your stuffMist Spray to calm the skin
Waterproof Mascara
Ipod with some kicking workout music.

The second speaker was Dr. Jennifer Ashton FITNESS magazine’s Senior Editor, Lisa Haney (@FITNESS_Lisa) and Jennifer Ashton, M.D. (@DrJAshton), who  is an ABC News Senior Medical Contributor, ob-gyn, triathele and author of the book, “Your Body Beautiful: Clock Stopping Secrets to Staying Healthy, Strong and Sexy in Your 30s, 40s and Beyond” as well as “The Body Scoop for Girls” 

Topics discussed
Woman’s body and how we function, we are heroic everyday it’s important to have a healthy mind, body and spirit.
Think of life as a Olympic event, Train for it your whole life. Have good food always increasing and reduced your bad food.
Think more about your insides and it will shine out.
Drug interactions, birth-control myths and healthy eating plans found in her new books.

Our third seminar was featured by FITNESS magazine’s Digital Director, Christie Griffin (@ChristieGriffin)  interviewing Dana Weiss, Possessionista (@Possessionista), Deb Perelman, Smitten Kitchen (@SmittenKitchen), Jill Hanner who is a Ford Fiesta Agent and YouTube video blogger (@JillHanner) and, Erin Whitehead from Fit Bottomed Girls (@FitBottomedGirl) discussing “My Blog Is My Business”
Important concepts:
Know who you are
Do not focus on money
Have original content
Have tools and ask for help
Network, Network and Network
Have passion
Don’t focus on negative

More to come about my learning’s at The meet and tweet… stay tuned





Birthday carrot cake pudding

19 May


This mighty tasty treat packs a super yummy party in your mouth.
Shopping list
Pudding ingredients
Topping ingredients
Orange juice
Soaked cashews raw unsalted
Vanilla bean
Walnuts sprinkled on top or mixed
What to do next:
Use Blender and blend till smooth.layer carrots on bottom,then smooth cashews icing on top with walnuts!
It’s a perfect treat,enjoy!
This idea was modified with raw Kristina carrot cake. image

You are what you think you are

15 May

I will become a fast runner, because I run. I am a runner because I run.

One important way to act when running is to think about how your feet are strike PAL System, for posture, arm action, and leg action. These are the three main areas of emphasis in running. I do know that after a run I get hungry, this salad totally hit the spot the other day. Crisp, cool and refreshing.

Runners Salad

Dark greens
Persian Cucumbers
Mango slices
Dressing Awesome Sauce

Ripe Avocado
Garlic clove

Crush, mash and chop all these lovely ingredients together, Toss the Salad in the mix. Add your favs. to spice things up!





11 May

When one door closes another door opens…well let me open some windows and let the universe in, because I’m here!

Day 9-11 and feeling fine with veggies and fruit with a low intake of fats mostly coming from nuts and seeds. I have been active in hiking and running. I am finishing up my last week of Insanity! I have been thinking about doing a few more weeks of Insanity just because you truly do become addicted to the workouts. Having high energy levels allow me to take my life to the next step. Which has become second nature to me lately because I have stopped worrying if this way of life is for me or what someone will think of me…guess what if you are feeling this way about anything….hold up and STOP THINKING AND START DOING.

Here’s what it takes to make nut milk:

Almonds ( Best when soaked over night in a bowl of water)


Sweetener/flavorings if desired (Like a vanilla bean)

A blender (regular or high speed)

After blended drain in cheese cloth and save the nut pieces for other recipes!

Another food find was Yucca, or cassava, a Latin American root vegetable similar to potatoes. What is amazing about this round tube is that it is gluten-free, it can replace wheat flour and it is used by people with wheat allergies.I was introduced to cassava by my boyfriend’s Brazilian mom, she makes amazing dishes and the other night was with cassava root. There are many different ways you can prepare this root. A great way to have this would be to boil the pieces and mash them smooth with sage and basil.

There are so many new things opening up to me and I am embracing every moment the universe is giving me. I am surrendering to the universe to allow my dreams to come to me.

Mind Juice

5 May


I am still going strong with my vegetarian life it is clearly my new obsession. Fruits and Veggies are always on my mind and I get so excited to talk about what I am doing with friends family and even strangers..

So far I have two or three major craving attacks which are normal and will always happen, lets face it this world is surrounded by amazing foods no matter where you go. But I have read that if you drink water and wait at least 10 minutes the craving will subside.It didn’t help that I was dog sitting for my sister and her house was loaded with foods.

Which brings me to something everyone should think about when trying a eating change up in foods. Be prepared with foods you CAN eat! Don’t let the hunger monster come out and destroy your goal. But if it does happen, as simple as is was to begin, start over. Don’t even bat two eyelashes at it, roll over rover, time to get back at it. My favorite way to stay prepared is to make foods ahead and wrap-um, pack-um, stack-um. Leave emergency foods in your bag or car.

Mentally my mind as been sharp and I feel a new found zest in my awareness to life. Things somehow feel brighter in the world and abundance is around me. I am also reading You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero, so that may be my second reinforcement to my greatness and saucy lovey dovey self. I am here universe!!!  I am allowing the good stuff to come my way and in detox of all negative . My source energy has been rebooted and you can do the same. 

It is amazing the capabilities our minds have for achieving what we want. Harness that energy and focus it. It is out there waiting for you, grab it.

Rawfully Me

1 May

I woke up this morning and decided that I am going to be  Raw Vegan. It was as easy as that, I am laughing right now because it was so easy for me. I did my research and found some strange stuff but, in the end I came across a healthy looking, glowing, young women talking about wonderful ways to eat fully raw.

Her info is below:
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic (http://www.rawfullyorganic.com) and of FullyRaw (http://www.fullyraw.com) teaches you how to Eat 100% FullyRaw! She showcases example meals of a low fat raw vegan diet, and she explains what it looks like to consume a diet that is geared towards 80/10/10 coined by Dr. Douglas Graham.

I am so excited about this change in my lifestyle! I already searched up my co-op food market and to make my shopping trips super easy, my local farmers market is down the street from me! I plan on being prepared with my meals so I don’t crash. I will  have blog posts here on what I learned that day and what I am making. It is very important to have support and goals planned out so here it goes. What a wonderful birthday gift I can give my body! May 1st is tomorrow and I will be 27 years young on the 20th. I will form a vegan lifestyle for 30 days and see if I want to follow with it. Only time can tell and I am ready for this journey I am about to embark on.

At this point I am going to be in a major transition stage. I am already feeling more energy, and my body is not having strange cravings for meat yet. Lets see what I say in about 7 days from now….

The body is wise and will always eliminate toxins in a way that requires the least effort while doing itself the least harm. Detox symptoms that can occur range from tiredness, runny nose, digestive challenges and skin conditions to retracing phenomena, weight loss, drops in blood pressure and other signs that the body is making a healthy adjustment. Each person is unique; therefore, the duration of significant detoxification will vary, based upon health, vitality and environment and the degree of commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Rawfully yours,




23 Apr


This is not your practice life. This is all there is.

23 Apr

#FitBlogNYC Fitness Meet and Tweet is booked! I am beyond excited for what awaits me there. I feel super motivated and on track with life and letting things come to me naturally. Which, in turn is letting that good positive energy surround me everyday. Good things come to those who DO!

DO IT NOW! Start what motivates you TODAY. May it be a 30 day yoga challenge, have a running goal, super workout class, eating and changing your meals around, to even having more fruits and veggies. Try it, fail, start up again, then promise yourself you are worth it. Life is too short to watch the time go by.

Pick up a pen write your goals down, look outside and move it YOU AMAZING CREATURE!

How are you going to live a life you love?