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Running towards and away from things

26 Apr

As I was running the other day I noticed on the track a small bike coming towards me, I thought well this has never happened to me before. I wondered what this pink bike is going to do, move, turn around????  Intrigued I kept my pace up running and that was when I realized the game chicken started with this little gild on her bike. I am sure the girl was around 8 years old,  but as we went head to head and approached each other I saw a little smile come across her face as I switched to the other lane. That was a neat way to play chicken…Bike vs Runner lol

In other news I have been working on my hip flexibly, balance and speed. Agility is something I have to work on I have distance down now it’s time to work on form. I started doing Hot Yoga more often and it has changed my mood and movement of my body. I am surprised how addicting yoga can be. It wakes me up in the morning and gets me ready to run at ease.


Things to look out for when running…Journal 2

7 Apr

Besides watching out for super fast cars, people, dogs, and potholes; there are certain things I make sure I think about and look out for before and even when I am running.

1. I make sure I am stretching. I suggest doing both dynamic and static. It takes time to warm up your body, especially one that has been sleeping for 8+ hours.

2. Toe nails trimmed, gross I know but something to think about. On the topic the other day I was running with a hole in my sock and it was bugging the heck out of me, so word to the wise… always wear strong socks. Try Lululemon Women’s Ultimate Padded Run Sock. They are on my wish list after my debacle with my crappy sockies and toes popping out as I run…not fun.
( My toe nails could be the culprit to the holes, now that I think about it…)

3. Hair band breakage or hair falling out! Make sure you grab an hair band or two, put em on your wrist for that moment  when it snap and flies across the track. For fly away hairs grab a hat or thick headband.

4.Make sure you go potty before you leave. I have not had this predicament yet and I am sure it will happen sooner or later. I am sure it is really an adventure asking a store staff member or a random stranger to use their bathroom, dripping with sweat and  trying to catch your breath, nice. =)

5.Bugs! Omg I was running the other day and little bugs were everywhere! I must have swallowed millions, you really can’t avoid these suckers, it could be possible protein but regardless they come is swarms and they see you coming and gather. The only possible solution is run faster!  Then after your run only thing you can do is check your teeth  in the mirror for black dots. Ewwww.

Over all watch yourself become the running diva you want to be.

Happy feet and many miles =)  Cheerio


26 by 26 Journal One

6 Apr

KEYS of running with happy toes!

I have till November…
Goal is to set to be in tip top shape for my First marathon! So it is important for me to plan ahead, and get a program well on its way. When you decide to run a race there are some key ideas to think about, and  I want to share with you some steps to the finish line. My goal is to finish and have a cupcake afterward.
I approached running slow and steady about three years ago, I wasn’t able to run a full lap around the track, so I warmed up slowly to running. I was extremely out of shape but the best way to achieve is consistency.

So, then I made a deal with myself no matter what was going on that day, I was going to do some kind of exercise. Which brings me to my next key ingredient, make that exact promise to yourself,  to go do something each day. Go find a area in your home, and have a talk with your inner soul. I am dead serious about this, there is nothing like standing in front of  a mirror, looking yourself straight in the eye, and saying, “get your act together, and your ass in gear!” It works, trust me.

In my personal experience running should not be a everyday routine, that is a sure fire way to injuries. Lifting weights, HIT, Stretching is important as well.

My routine
Distance Run: Try to go at a pace where you find comfortable, walk, jog, run. Mix things up this helps get your body and heart use to far distances.
Turbo Fire workout:  This workout is something every person needs in their life. This is a set weight loss plan and a super way to get H.I.T in High interval training. It never gets old  jumping around punching and dancing to music.
Or, find a fun way to move around, bike, swim, row, play a intense sport, dance, anything that involves you moving fast.
Lift weights: Doing a  simple routine to strengthen muscle groups. Often “runners” feel that lifting will bulk them, wrong way to think about this, in fact, it is essential to strengthen muscle groups in the arms, back and legs.
Run for time: My favorite go fast and have a timer. I set goals for yourself and try your best.
Yoga or stretch: Another favorite “set the tightness free” everyday! Focus on my hips, throughout evolution females are not made to be runners, so those suckers may get tight and sore.
CrossFit: A new favorite of mine, rope so heavy I can barely move, Huge truck tires, I enjoy flipping them, and a sled to pull and a jump rope. All basic movements, till your about to puke. I just want to get my legs strong enough to carry me across the finish line, this should help a little bit.

For the next few months, I want to give tips, exercises, recipes, and more allowing the transformation of willing readers, to be the runner that lives inside of them. And allow readers to read about my progress to achieve one of goals in life.

Along the way you can hear about my crazy jobs,life,running mishaps and my wonderful world wind that is Lynn =)

Enjoy with Happy toes!



6 Apr


That’s me running my first 1/2 marathon in nyc.

Hello world!

6 Apr

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