Things to look out for when running…Journal 2

7 Apr

Besides watching out for super fast cars, people, dogs, and potholes; there are certain things I make sure I think about and look out for before and even when I am running.

1. I make sure I am stretching. I suggest doing both dynamic and static. It takes time to warm up your body, especially one that has been sleeping for 8+ hours.

2. Toe nails trimmed, gross I know but something to think about. On the topic the other day I was running with a hole in my sock and it was bugging the heck out of me, so word to the wise… always wear strong socks. Try Lululemon Women’s Ultimate Padded Run Sock. They are on my wish list after my debacle with my crappy sockies and toes popping out as I run…not fun.
( My toe nails could be the culprit to the holes, now that I think about it…)

3. Hair band breakage or hair falling out! Make sure you grab an hair band or two, put em on your wrist for that moment  when it snap and flies across the track. For fly away hairs grab a hat or thick headband.

4.Make sure you go potty before you leave. I have not had this predicament yet and I am sure it will happen sooner or later. I am sure it is really an adventure asking a store staff member or a random stranger to use their bathroom, dripping with sweat and  trying to catch your breath, nice. =)

5.Bugs! Omg I was running the other day and little bugs were everywhere! I must have swallowed millions, you really can’t avoid these suckers, it could be possible protein but regardless they come is swarms and they see you coming and gather. The only possible solution is run faster!  Then after your run only thing you can do is check your teeth  in the mirror for black dots. Ewwww.

Over all watch yourself become the running diva you want to be.

Happy feet and many miles =)  Cheerio



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