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30 Aug

This hits my core. I love you Lululemon and always will. I will see this job along my road of adventures fore sure. I am awesome and this company is awesome. The people at Lululemon are quality people that was why I was one of them. Fellow blogger you have touch my heart in more ways then you will ever knwo. Thank you Namaste.

Adventures for a Life You Love

I totally get the asset of a radical resume.  I read them daily.  I do.

And, I totally understand specific skill sets for specific roles.  Experience required on the Job description – noted.

And, I see the opportunities in life that will elevate the game on your resume.  That will look good to the reader and recruiter.  You know what I am talking about:  the college degree, the community service, the internship, the similar field of work experience.

My question is:  did you compromise your experience for paper?

Are you deep in your work for the life experience?

Is there gap in your resume, as you took an epic year off to travel the World and be a learner of life?

What about that detour; when you chose passion in a job over an internship to add a statement on paper?

What have you created that turns you on?

I want to meet you, life experiencers.

I want to…

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Running the roads less traveled

30 Aug

I have started to run in parks to spice things up a bit. I have made a better commitment to strength training along with running. I have made a stronger commitment to all my goals really. I need to start thinking about my passions and what drives me to wake up in the morning look outside and think HELLO WORLD I OWN YOU…. AND I AM GOING TO INSPIRE PEOPLE TODAY!!!!


That has yet to happen in my life. But every time I see kids I want to talk to them and then I think about teaching. The goal and dream that I have been pushing to the back of my mind. I guess we all do that and need that great big hard shove out of where we are standing to find out what we truly need to do to be happy.


So that is my new path to become a marathon running, yoga posing, healthy food eating, fun-loving, TEACHER!


live the life you dream

22 Aug

live the life you dream


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

22 Aug

So training has been an up hill battle if you ask me. I have my good and bad days. I have the days where I could eat just about everything that is put in front of me, making then feel I will implode and have to be rolled out of the room. Then there are days at a time when I have no appetite, not even thinking about food.

Something tells me I need to find some balance in my eating habits. Which is simple moderation of good whole natural foods. I eat low carbs and get my bulk of carbs from veggies and fruits. Meat is my friend and I can’t eat diary so that is something I steer away from. I also like to follow The Paleo lifestyle but I love peanut-butter it is hard to give that up.

I think I should develop a support group for other fellow runners to chat and ask questions to each other. November is coming up fast and I need positive energy heading my way from all directions.


Happy running