My hip is helping my toes out for right now…

1 Sep

Training today at the park was really great, Warm-up, weather and I was even in my favorite pair of running crops.

I started to notice a sharp pain in my hip that has been bugging me since April. I know RED FLAG  HELLO!!!! I have ignored this problem for sometime now and now I think I understand what is happening. I went to a hot yoga class back in April and I moved my big toe a strange way…WHAM running gait has changed and this lead to my super compensation on that side causing more pain on right hip.

Buggers. Ice is on my toe as I type. I also like to look things up and found this graph and great read on

The stress-adaptation graph below illustrates how your body reacts to training. There’s an initial training stimulus (like a workout), a dip in fitness when you feel fatigued and sore, but after you rest enough your body rebounds and BOOM! You’re in better shape than when you started.

Stress Adaptation

At the moment I am going to focus on strength training, yoga and to try to run to keep my distance in the picture.  After this bump I will be back on track ( Literally and Figuratively speaking)

Happy toes


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