The blue moon and New beginings

6 Sep

A blue moon is the appearance of the third full moon in a season that has four full moons, instead of the usual three.[1] It is never visually blue. Because a blue moon occurs only every two or three years, the term blue moon is used colloquially to mean a rare event, as in the phrase “once in a blue moon”…

I was completely unaware of the moon cycle till now. I am understanding why my mother was always tell me that our bodies follow the moon. My life made some major shifts in the past week and a half and I am wondering if others had this flip as well. After this change I started to read about crystals and Chakra Balancing.

My new-found interest resulted me to find a great site

Chakras are described as spinning wheels or vortices of light, but I find explaining them as different colored lightbulbs easier to visualize: The Root is red, the Sacral orange, the Solar Plexus yellow, the Heart green, the Throat turquoise, the 3rd Eye indigo, and the Crown white or violet. When these ‘lightbulbs’ are perfectly balanced, a good amount of electricity (energy) is flowing through them and they are shining brightly. When they are imbalanced, too little energy is flowing through (causing them to be dim), or too much (causing them to be overblown).

Now, to come back to my yoga practice the other day connected with me. It spoke to me in regards of movement and being off in this cycle. I was in a circle for yoga at a new place with new faces. I told the instructor I am a runner with tight shoulders and hips. ( Common story) She positioned the group in a circle and in the cycle of movement I somehow flipped to the wrong side as everyone else, breaking the flow. This small mistake spoke to me in many ways and I am taking it off the mat and making a point to stay centered.



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