Fly alone: “Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall together.” ~Unknown.

13 Sep

“Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves.” -Gandhi

Butterflies I see them everywhere I go and mostly during my runs. I found a connection with them and I am sure others do as well. When seen they are often flying solo floating and dipping in the air, they seem in a state of ease. Butterflies are so carefree and beautiful to me it is no wonder why they spark so many thoughts. I often wonder what can I learn from the nature of a butterfly. What comes to mind is the butterfly’s strength, courage, determination. The life-cycle of  a butterfly connects to us in many ways, because we all grow up, learn, strive and grow old. It’s just important to think about how much time and energy it takes a butterfly to fly and develop. Throughout the butterflies life they develop alone, admired and loved. Is there pieces of this journey we could use in our life, yes I think so. Sometimes we need to be alone to develop, grow, make changes, achieve, do something you have been pushing to the back of your thoughs.

Are we more productive alone? Do we get things on are to do list finished faster, when we have no one else around?  DO we often slip in to comfort zones? Make choices that are going to last more than a week and dissipate?

I know deep inside all of us are  just as determined young adults making a name for ourselves. Consistently showing the world what we are made of. Providing a secure life for ourselves then allowing the combination with that one person doing the exact same thing. That is courage and patience right there, to allow others to fly solo to be their own personal best.

This mind set will  lead to attraction to like minds. Even thinking about  a group of close friends you have, you may find strength or will to change. Allow yourself to become inspired by them. We are all after the end result, why not learn from each other, build off each others strengths and weaknesses. Accept the change that is happening to all of us. Know that growing old is a blessing and we are on a journey so lets embrace it.

Keep your toes up and take care.



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