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23 Apr



This is not your practice life. This is all there is.

23 Apr

#FitBlogNYC Fitness Meet and Tweet is booked! I am beyond excited for what awaits me there. I feel super motivated and on track with life and letting things come to me naturally. Which, in turn is letting that good positive energy surround me everyday. Good things come to those who DO!

DO IT NOW! Start what motivates you TODAY. May it be a 30 day yoga challenge, have a running goal, super workout class, eating and changing your meals around, to even having more fruits and veggies. Try it, fail, start up again, then promise yourself you are worth it. Life is too short to watch the time go by.

Pick up a pen write your goals down, look outside and move it YOU AMAZING CREATURE!

How are you going to live a life you love?


19 Apr

 Do you ever stop to take a good healthy deep breath of air? Stop, for a moment and take one…I’ll wait….. Feels wonderful, right??? I think we all need that time to stop and take in what is around us. We are so small in this great big world, and taking it all in is important all the time. We need air to survive, and breath air all day long  Feel you need a cleansing breath take JUST TAKE ONE OR TWO. Take a breath. Observe. Listen to your body.




Ain’t No Moment High Enough

17 Apr


The Sum of 20Something


How many times would you say you have completely surrendered to the moment?  You freed your self from obligations, judgment, expectations, physical pain, and everything else that occupies our minds 99% of the day.  How many times in the past year have you accomplished this?

Yesterday, I experienced one of those moments.  I was fortunate enough to be part of a group of five friends who hiked to the tower at the top of Mohonk Mountain in New Paltz, NY.  It was  an impromptu day trip that organically came together.  Everyone was free on this random Tuesday in April, and as soon as we set off on our journey, it was magic.  There was no trail for the first four miles.  My friend, Dana, led the way using just her memory.  We walked through mud, thorn patches, farms, private property, and steep, unmarked trails.  When we finally came across the actual…

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More and fitness half marathon Revelation and motivation

16 Apr

Yesterday marked my new PR for my second half marathon  2hr 22mins and 13 secs.My marathon was 4hr 44mins,I guess I am pretty consistent with my mile time….

I felt so inspired by all the women running on Sunday’s race, I could not help but let out bursts of encouragement throughout the race. We all worked so hard to get where we want to be. Women of all shapes and sizes, giving every inch they can to finish the race. This weekend was truly motivating for me. On Friday, I went to Good Morning America to support all the racers for Sunday. It was amazing to be in the city, rain and all just made it such a memorable day for me . It allowed me to walk around and navigate my body and mind. It was a change in my normal experiences that have been  occurring.
It is truly amazing how are minds can get so wrapped up in thoughts and cycles. Think about how our minds and daily activities consume our time on earth. We all get stuck on a wheel of the same. There is a loop that allows us to feel either fine with chasing the piece of cheese or…..  Guess what, feeling that the cheese is making me run in place and has gone moldy. So world I am lactose-free and done with cycles, it’s time to break it.

Now, is it normally to feel this way? Should I drop everything to change, No and yes…Don’t forget about goals that have become sidelined and wrapped up. Keep it all fresh, what’s wrong with that?

What is to come of all this? I am allowing fate to lead the way. I have control of my hopes and dreams, but I also need to put myself and mind out there to be considered. So  here I am again back with a new pair of running shoes and thoughts about what I should do. I want to teach others and someday be a teacher.I want to be a writer and someday be published. I know I can do both I have seen it done before, what makes my mind and life any different?