Rawfully Me

1 May

I woke up this morning and decided that I am going to be  Raw Vegan. It was as easy as that, I am laughing right now because it was so easy for me. I did my research and found some strange stuff but, in the end I came across a healthy looking, glowing, young women talking about wonderful ways to eat fully raw.

Her info is below:
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic (http://www.rawfullyorganic.com) and of FullyRaw (http://www.fullyraw.com) teaches you how to Eat 100% FullyRaw! She showcases example meals of a low fat raw vegan diet, and she explains what it looks like to consume a diet that is geared towards 80/10/10 coined by Dr. Douglas Graham.

I am so excited about this change in my lifestyle! I already searched up my co-op food market and to make my shopping trips super easy, my local farmers market is down the street from me! I plan on being prepared with my meals so I don’t crash. I will  have blog posts here on what I learned that day and what I am making. It is very important to have support and goals planned out so here it goes. What a wonderful birthday gift I can give my body! May 1st is tomorrow and I will be 27 years young on the 20th. I will form a vegan lifestyle for 30 days and see if I want to follow with it. Only time can tell and I am ready for this journey I am about to embark on.

At this point I am going to be in a major transition stage. I am already feeling more energy, and my body is not having strange cravings for meat yet. Lets see what I say in about 7 days from now….

The body is wise and will always eliminate toxins in a way that requires the least effort while doing itself the least harm. Detox symptoms that can occur range from tiredness, runny nose, digestive challenges and skin conditions to retracing phenomena, weight loss, drops in blood pressure and other signs that the body is making a healthy adjustment. Each person is unique; therefore, the duration of significant detoxification will vary, based upon health, vitality and environment and the degree of commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Rawfully yours,



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