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Mind Juice

5 May


I am still going strong with my vegetarian life it is clearly my new obsession. Fruits and Veggies are always on my mind and I get so excited to talk about what I am doing with friends family and even strangers..

So far I have two or three major craving attacks which are normal and will always happen, lets face it this world is surrounded by amazing foods no matter where you go. But I have read that if you drink water and wait at least 10 minutes the craving will subside.It didn’t help that I was dog sitting for my sister and her house was loaded with foods.

Which brings me to something everyone should think about when trying a eating change up in foods. Be prepared with foods you CAN eat! Don’t let the hunger monster come out and destroy your goal. But if it does happen, as simple as is was to begin, start over. Don’t even bat two eyelashes at it, roll over rover, time to get back at it. My favorite way to stay prepared is to make foods ahead and wrap-um, pack-um, stack-um. Leave emergency foods in your bag or car.

Mentally my mind as been sharp and I feel a new found zest in my awareness to life. Things somehow feel brighter in the world and abundance is around me. I am also reading You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero, so that may be my second reinforcement to my greatness and saucy lovey dovey self. I am here universe!!!  I am allowing the good stuff to come my way and in detox of all negative . My source energy has been rebooted and you can do the same. 

It is amazing the capabilities our minds have for achieving what we want. Harness that energy and focus it. It is out there waiting for you, grab it.